Cap’n Ben didn’t used to be a captain at all. He was a pirate and sailed on a big pirate ship with three tall masts and a dozen sails. He wanted gold and silver and his heart was full of greed. He started to notice that he was lonely and didn’t have any real friends. Who could he trust? All of the other pirates wanted his gold!  One day, a big storm came over the sea and the large ship was tossed in the waves. Lightning struck the masts, and the ship went down.

Ben awoke the next day on the beach, alone. “Hello!” he yelled.  No answer.  Just then he heard a scream deep inside the island. He ran toward the sound. Guess who he found?!  It was a baby parrot stuck under a fallen tree.  He freed the parrot, and they’ve been best buds ever since!  (This story in song form here!)

With a new chance at life, Ben decided to give up the life of a pirate. He and Pickles the Parrot drafted a new life code in the sand. They committed to do their best to keep to the “Captain’s Code” of good character.

The next morning, a mysterious bright light was shining out on the ocean. They swam (and flew) to investigate the light and found a magical ship waiting for them on the horizon.

Now, as Captain of the Magic Ship, Cap’n Ben – and Pickles – travel the world, sharing their adventures in positive videos and songs!  Join the duo on their next adventure and as always, “Keep to the Captain’s Code!”  Learn more about the Captain’s Code in this special song!


To uplift, guide, and inspire children to grow in character through fun and exciting adventures!

Cap’n Ben and the Magic Ship is an effort to create Positive, Fun Character-Building Media for Children.  With so much content so easily accessible on a variety of platforms (and much of it not carefully curated or crafted), we’ve set out to create media that uplifts and encourages children, young and old!

But where did it all come from?!

After releasing novelty rap video benilla ice in 2017 (a creative expression with a simple message to ‘just be kind to one another’)… surprise! we found that the video resonated with children! “What if we made intentional content for kids in a similar style- with a mission of that makes a life rich in values and good character attractive?”  So we did! We (Ben and Sam Beitzel) are a Christian couple in Southern California, inspired by the work and legacy of Fred Rogers, making one show at a time.  We’re delighted that the show has been able to resonate with so many families so far.

Why a Pirate?

Pirates are cool! Right?  Well… Pop culture continues to promote pillaging, plundering pirates but when you look closer, what is the message glorifying?

There are so many great positive adventures that hold that same excitement. The excitement of exploration and learning- and more!  Cap’n Ben is a reformed pirate who keeps to the Captain’s code of character alongside first mate, Pickles the parrot. Strike the plundering and get to the wondering, mates!


The show’s themes and elements are influenced by Ben’s real life interests and experiences like music, magic, pirates, travel, a slower pace and the appreciation of creation.  The Captain’s Code and humble reformation of a pirate are inspired illustrations of our Christian faith.

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