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Current Opportunities:

Youtube Video Boost – $25

Boost your favorite video to reach new mateys!  Just notate which video you’d like to boost in the memo line. Each $25 boost would generate 200-500 views + 1-3 subscribers.

Youtube Partner Sponsor – $2500

Estimated cost to expedite the YouTube channel and audience to achieve YouTube partnership requirements. While research is inconclusive, we believe that becoming a Youtube Partner may be a necessary step to becoming available on the YouTube Kids app.

Episode Sponsor

Sponsor a full Cap’n Ben episode! Cover Production and marketing costs of an episode.  Available benefits include co-branded promotional materials, social media mention, customized ad design and run in targeted/local areas, live events, and more. We hope you’ll consider becoming an episode sponsor. Email us for more info.

Support Crew

Help Cap’n Ben and the Magic Ship reach a wider audience and support continued production of mission driven media for kids!  Any amount helps!  Special thanks for gifts of:

$50 = Cap’n Ben Purple Pack in the mail!
$100 + Supporter Credit on an upcoming Episode
$250 + Special Shout-out Video from CB (“To a special Matey!”)
$1000 + Associate Producer Credit on Upcoming Episode

Professionals and Organizations

Let’s team up!  We’re on the lookout for Helpers (Organizations, Professionals in Childhood Development, Educators).  There are many ways we could use your professional help from feedback on available videos to consulting to endorsement from your organization to reviewing scripts and future content development.  We hope you will join us in providing value-rich mission driven media that uplifts, guides, and inspires children.

Email here!

Publications, Educational, Personal

Seeking reviews that can help our little show bring joy to one more little matey. We’d love to hear how the show is of benefit to the children in your network or community and share your review with others!

Thank you for your interest in the project, email us here!

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