We are writing our life story, make it a GREAT one!


Do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Integrity. Honesty. Be trustworthy and keep your work. You can do it!


Take joy and appreciate what you have.

What can you appreciate about today, about this moment?


How can we leave this place better than we found it? How can we encourage this person? Be kind and courteous to all. Be tolerant of differences.


Help, not hurt. What can you do to be part of the solution? Selflessness, Kindness, Generosity. Caring for others.


There will be trouble on our journey, it may seem challenging or scary, press onward! This storm will pass.


Modesty and caring for others alongside yourself. Apologize genuinely and generously. Friends are real treasure of this life, grudges are fools gold.


Seek ways to learn more, grow in character, care more, have a better perspective! Taking responsibility for our life and and make choices to grow.


Rest is vital for clear mind, good health, and to do our best each day!



Calling all Parents, Grandparents, Educators, Mentors and other ‘Mature’ Mateys!
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Co-viewing! Sit down with your young matey and talk about some of their questions!  (At first, “Is PICKLES real?!”   “Can that ship really FLY?”   Yes and Yes.   I mean, the show is slightly exaggerated, but most of the places are real, the topics are real, and the values in the Captain’s CODE are REAL! ? BOOM! CONVO STARTED.  Find out more and read our article on the Benefits of Co-Viewing.

Further the mission, mate!

Talk with your young person– they need your help!  What is HUMILITY?  What is HONOR?  What does it mean to be GRATEFUL?  2 Ideas here.

#1. Tell them a story, (a REAL one!) from your life, that you kept to the code.  Large or small, what happened? Who was there? When was a time you needed to choose to be strong even though you were uncertain, or maybe scared? Tell them about that COURAGE!  Tell them when you displayed HONOR and did the right thing even though it was hard.

Idea #2.  When was someone a FRIEND to you? When did someone display kindness and help you GROW or show you RESPECT?  How do you REST? Share it up!

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