Cap'n Ben - Songs from the Sea

Songs from the Sea is the debut album from Cap’n Ben.  This collection of songs for mateys young and old and echoes the themes of learning and character-building found in the companion video series “Cap’n Ben and the Magic Ship.” Right from track 1, the show’s theme song, listeners are invited to ‘come aboard’ with Cap’n Ben and his feathered friend, Pickles, into a whimsical world of imagination and fun. The album is rich with catchy hooks carrying messages of kindness, help, respect, growth and other encouraging values for kids.

The instrumentation and style of the album is far from that of classic nursery rhyme sing-a-longs and the producers hope the songs will be a safe next step for young ears who are eager for more radio-like style music. We explore different genres and moods from reggae inspired, “Be a Friend,” to the encouraging dance along “Be a Light,” to the apology anthem, “Sorry, I messed Up.” We hope children and families alike will enjoy Songs from the Sea!

Thank you for your consideration in listening to our new music for kids!

Songs from the Sea

🗓  December 28, 2021 🎵  Cap’n Ben  📝  Producer: Ben Beitzel, Samantha Beitzel, Matt Lobach

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